Garage Door Repair Northbrook – Understanding Your Doors

Before attempting to fix your broken garage doors, it is important for you to understand why they are broken in the first place. Think of it like this – doctors study about illnesses so they can give out the right cure. If doctors gave out random medicines to sick people without knowing what is wrong with them initially, would not that be a dangerous picture?

The same goes with repairing your garage doors; check out what the problem is first before you start hammering away at what seem to be an unknown cause for the problem. Do not be hasty and take it with utmost patience as being too impatient will give you even more problems than what you have originally bargained for.


You might be thinking, “What’s there to understand? As long as it opens and closes then that’s good, right?” In truth, your garage doors are more complicated than what can be immediately seen. There are things to consider like metal tracks, springs, rollers, hinges, and even the door opening system all play an important role to the opening and closing of your garage doors.


Whenever the door starts to open up overhead there will be a spring tension that is created. There are special metal tracks located at the top of the door to make it open or close. Whenever the doors start malfunctioning and unknown grinding noises can be heard, there may be problems concerning the traction. The following are some helpful repair and maintenance tips you can do on your doors.

Ensuring that the metal tracks are in good shape. Sometimes these tracks get rusted or can contain dents. If you find any part of the tracks that are dented then you can try giving the hammer some work. If the damage is too severe for the hammer to handle then consider replacing them instead.

Check the alignment of the springs and also the tracks. The tracks for the garage doors on either side should always be aligned with each other. If there are any misalignments then you can loosen the screws located on the tracks and put them back into position. Tools like screwdrivers and spanners will help you get the job done easy.

The spring and tracks should be well lubricated. Use grease to get these parts lubricated once in a while as it will help the door open and close easily.

As a word of caution, do not attempt to do repair and maintenance on your garage doors if you have no knowledge and experience in doing it. Seek professional services like the ones Garage Door Repair Northbrook provides for a better solution to your repair needs.

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